About Iris

Food has been a big passion of mine for years. Everywhere in the world where I am allowed to go, I am always interested in the different types of vegetables, fruits, herbs, preparations and dishes. The variation in colors, shapes and taste really intrigues me!

This originated in my student days, when I was dependent on myself and my own cooking skills. That brought me to the local greengrocer and to the Friday market, where the market men showed me what beautiful new products they had.

From my graphic and photographic background I have finally managed to unite my two passions: capturing food on images, both photographic and illustrative. I have bundled the result of this in my webshop Prints by Iris.
What you will find here are prints made on the subject of food, in its purest form, but in a refreshing and daring jacket. I process the taste of the products that cannot be tasted in these 'fingerlicking' prints.

My style has developed from minimalist and feminine to bold and colorful. But the most important thing is that the vegetable, the fruit or another ingredient is central and has been executed with care and a lot of love. I love to perform my two loves (photography and illustration) in fresh, sparkling, colorful, but stylish prints for your interior.

My motto is therefore 'good food (on the wall) is good mood'

Discover your good food in the webshop today.
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